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Dan Dare Abalis

(Click on this link to play the original, non-Dan Dare, version: Abalis Game Number 2)

(Note: If the game appears to get stuck when first loading, press the F5 key to refresh it - it should then finish loading properly.)

Sorry, you must have a Java plug-in installed and enabled to run this software.

Note that Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6 do not come with Java pre-installed.

You can get a free Java plug-in at the official Java website.

Mouse Pointer Move the "Anastasia" spaceship Left/Right Click Fire Plasma Cannon
The game will start as soon as it has finished loading, so be ready...
Shoot the Treen Interceptor and The Mekon on his flying chair to score points.
Catch the power-ups to increase the number of enemies attacking the "Anastasia".
You only get one life - the game will re-start immediately each time you die - so try to get the highest score possible.

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This page was mirrored here (but now using the "Anastasia" as your ship instead of the "Tempus Frangit") from Dan-Dare.net's "sister" site: Dan-Dare.org

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