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Sorry, you must have a Java plug-in installed and enabled to run this software.

Note that Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6 do not come with Java pre-installed.

You can get a free Java plug-in at the official Java website.

CONTROLS (Click on the game first to activate it)
S Start Game P Pause/Resume Game
Cursor Left key Rotate Left Cursor Right key Rotate Right
Cursor Up key Forward Thrust Cursor Down key Reverse Thrust
Space Bar Fire Laser Cannon H Hyperspace
M Mute/Unmute Sound* D Less/More Detail*
Use the Cursor keys to move your ship around. Shoot the asteroids while avoiding collisions with them.
Occasionally a UFO will appear and attempt to shoot you down with guided missiles. Destroy it or the missiles for more points.
You begin with three ships, a bonus ship is awarded for every 5000 points scored.
Object Points
Large Asteroid 25
Small Asteroid 50
UFO 250
Missile 500

*Note: If the game appears to run slowly on your machine, try muting the sound and/or switching to less detail. This will not affect game play.

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