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Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future

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A 3-D computer-modelled image of Lero's ship approaching the dark star "Sabul" en-route from Earth to Cryptos, based on a frame from the 1955 story "The Man From Nowhere"

(Click on this link to see some animated GIFs featuring the Cryptos ship and other spaceships at Dan-Dare.net's "sister"
site, Dan-Dare.org: Dan Dare Spaceships Animated GIFs)

View the "Dan Dare 3-D Cryptos Ship (640 x 480 Pixels JPEG)" page >>

View the "Dan Dare 3-D Cryptos Ship (1024 x 768 Pixels JPEG)" page >>

There are some more 3-D computer-modelled images of Dan Dare spaceships suitable for use as your Windows desktop
wallpaper/background at Dan-Dare.net's "sister" site, Dan-Dare.org - click on this link to view them: Dan Dare Gallery 10


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