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Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future (1950's Eagle and 2002 TV Series Logos)

Dan Dare Icons and Cursors

Click here to download all of these Dan Dare Icons and Cursors

Click on the image above to download all of the Dan Dare Icons and Cursors you can see in the image (36.2 KB ".zip" compressed file) - included with the download is a "Readme.txt" help file containing full instructions for their use.


Don't forget to download the Dan Dare Screen Savers for your Windows desktop too!


Just in case you haven't seen it on the Dan-Dare.net Images page yet, and you would like your Windows desktop to have even more of a Dan Dare theme... Below is a 3-D computer-modelled image of Lero's ship approaching the dark star "Sabul" en-route from Earth to Cryptos, based on a frame from the 1955 story "The Man From Nowhere". You have a choice of three different sized versions to save as your Windows desktop wallpaper/background if you wish.

Click on the size below the picture that best suits your Windows display, and then follow the instructions on the new page (please note that these are very large JPEG files and may take a while to load).

A 3-D computer-modelled image of the Cryptos ship from "The Man From Nowhere" story

640 x 480 pixels version

800 x 600 pixels version

1024 x 768 pixels version


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