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"Dan Dare 60th Anniversary Matchit" Flash online game

(Click on this link to play the first of three Java Applet versions of this game: Java Matchit Game Number 1)

This Dan Dare Flash online game is 4.32 MB in size, so please allow plenty of time for it to load...

This is a Dan Dare 60th Anniversary: 1950-2010 version of the classic "match the pairs of hidden pictures" memory game.

There are 80 picture cards (so that's 40 pairs of pictures to match) comprising 10 different Dan Dare images, each appearing 8 times in the 8 x 10 game grid. Successfully matching pairs of the picture cards will slowly reveal one of 10 much larger bonus pictures of "Dan Dare through the years" in the game grid.

You can view all 10 of the "reveal" pictures separately by clicking on the blue text link at the bottom of the "About" section accessible from the main menu - click on each picture to go on to the next one.

The game can be played with or without background music which is a sample of the theme tune used for the 1990 BBC Radio 4 Dan Dare serial.

The object of the game is simple but challenging: clear the game grid by matching all the hidden picture pairs in the fastest time, and in the least number of moves, as you possibly can. Your best score will be saved each time for future reference, but you must play the game in this site if you want to see it again (and there is a reset option to clear that later if you ever want to). There is also a "World's Top 10 Best" high-scores table.

If this game doesn't work on your machine, you may need to upgrade to the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

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