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Snake Pit

Sorry, you must have a Java plug-in installed and enabled to run this software.

Note that Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6 do not come with Java pre-installed.

You can get a free Java plug-in at the official Java website.

CONTROLS (Click on the game first to activate it)
S Start Game P Pause/Resume Game
Cursor Left key Turn Left Cursor Right key Turn Right
Cursor Up key Turn Up Cursor Down key Turn Down
M Mute/Unmute Sound*
Use the Cursor keys to move the snake around. Gobble up the mice to score points, but avoid running into the walls or yourself.
When the red key appears, grab it to advance to the next level.
If you make it through all five levels, you start back at the beginning but the game will be a little faster.
You begin with three lives, a bonus life is awarded for every 500 points scored.
Object Points
Mouse 10
Level Bonus 200

*Note: If the game appears to run slowly on your machine, try muting the sound. This will not affect game play.

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